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Our Norway Bucket List – Places to Visit and Things to do in Norway

Norway Bucket List: We have written a list of things in Norway we want to do. Like; hiking, visits, freediving, summit overnight and a zip line... See details here
Spain Barcelona - Park Guell

Top 10 Holiday Destinations for Norwegians

Wondering where Norwegians are traveling for vacation? Here are the most popular cities for Norwegians. See the list here...
Maxim Energy Bar

Maxim Sports Nutrition – Is it too obvious?

Is it too obvious that we want Maxim Sports Nutrition as sponsor for our hikes around in Norway? So, why we want them you may...
Norway Jotunheimen - Galdhopiggen Summit

Fitness and Activity Trackers – What to Look for When Buying

Basic functionality on Fitness and Activity Trackers Functionality for your needs, not what is technical possible Good light in darkness Comfort to wear or bring Battery capacity and...
Hiking with friends - #activelifehappylife

Getting Fitter with #activelifehappylife

Our contribution is to show a wide range of activities, from beginners to self-realization, which can contribute to an improved life. Join us, you too...
Norway Hallingskeid - DNT Cabins by Night

This is the Best Reason Ever to Bring Your Best Camera at Night Photographing

Can you imagine this perfect setting? You take a couple of pictures and...
Norway Myrkdalen - Skiing at Myrkdalen Summit

Skiing at Myrkdalen Summit

Myrkdalen is one of the best ski resorts in western Norway.
Denmark Copenhagen - Famous Round Tower

34.8 meter High Mini Sky Scraper the Round Tower

This is on the way up the famous Round Tower build in year 1642 in Copenhagen. Few steps, but many many turns. To reach...
Norway Bergen - Bergenhus Fortress Underground Guided Tour

Cool Underground Tour at Bergenhus Fortress

Cool Bergenhus Fortress Underground Guided Tour
Norway Bergen - Your Viking lunch is ready

Would you like to taste a real Norwegian Viking Lunch?

Your Viking lunch is ready

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