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Norway Jotunheimen - Hiking at Besseggen

10 Mountain Hikes in Norway You Should Have on Your Bucket List

Here are the Norwegian mountain hikes most hikers love. See the list here...
Norway Hiking - Autumn Hike to Brushytten

Fresh Air and Nice Views on Todays Hike

Fresh Air and Nice Views on our Late Autumn Hike Today.
Maxim Energy Bar

Maxim Sports Nutrition – Is it too obvious?

Is it too obvious that we want Maxim Sports Nutrition as sponsor for our hikes around in Norway? So, why we want them you may...
Norway Jotunheimen - Juvasshytta Mountain Lodge

Norway Hiking: Juvasshytta Lodge – Mount Galdhopiggen Summit Best Ascents Starting Point

Juvasshytta Lodge is located north in Jotunheimen National Park and is the closest lodge to Mount Galdhopiggen Summit. Read more here...
Norway Hiking - Quality Time is Important

Norway Hiking: Relaxing and Quality Time is Important Too

Time to relax and be in the moment is also important even if you go hiking.
Norway Bergen - Relaxing and reflection in the sun

Norway Hiking: Relaxing and Reflection in the Sun

We took a short Sunday hike today, maybe more like a stroll. But still very nice. Pretty cold, but refreshing. The photo is taken at...
Norway Hiking - Winter Hike in Norway

Norway Hiking: Winter Hiking at Mount Floyen in Norway

Norway Hiking: Very popular hiking trail, especially in the weekend. See photos here...
Norway - Please do not kiss the frog

Please do not kiss the frog

Many Norwegian girls are searching for their prince, so they had set up a road sign. See large photo here...
Norway - Art in the Woods

Norway Hiking: Art in the Norwegian Woods

Norway Hiking: On one of our weekly hikes we saw these amazing artworks in the woods :)

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