Fitness and Activity Trackers – What to Look for When Buying

Norway Jotunheimen - Galdhopiggen Summit
Norway Jotunheimen - Galdhopiggen Summit

Basic functionality on Fitness and Activity Trackers

  • Functionality for your needs, not what is technical possible
  • Good light in darkness
  • Comfort to wear or bring
  • Battery capacity and charging cables.
    Do you have to charge the gadget too often? Can you easily buy a new charging cable if you lose the cable?
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy synchronization with other gadgets, iPhone and stationary computers
  • Synchronization with apps and/or online synchronization with webpages
  • Privacy after synchronization with apps and webpages

Extra functionality on Fitness and Activity Trackers

  • Showing heart rate in both numbers and percentage.
    Good for training in heart rate zones.
  • Sound signals that you actually can hear outdoors. Important for activities like interval training.
  • See routes at Google Earth
    Export map coordinates and see the route at Google Earth.