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Here you get easy access to information about the best of bergen hiking. We have been hiking for years, but only recently started to write about the amazing hikes in Bergen. Including hiking near bergen too. Later we will also write about hiking in Norway. Stay with us to get updated

Norway Bergen - Relaxing and reflection in the sun

Bergen Hiking: Relaxing and Reflection in the Sun

We took a short Sunday hike today, maybe more like a stroll. But still very nice. Pretty cold, but refreshing. The photo is taken at...
Norway Hiking - Autumn Hike to Brushytten

Fresh Air and Nice Views on Todays Hike

Fresh Air and Nice Views on our Late Autumn Hike Today.
Norway Hiking - Quality Time is Important

Norway Hiking: Relaxing and Quality Time is Important Too

Time to relax and be in the moment is also important even if you go hiking.
Norway Hiking - Winter Hike in Norway

Bergen Hiking: Winter Hiking at Mount Floyen in Norway

Norway Hiking: Very popular hiking trail, especially in the weekend. See photos here...
Norway - Art in the Woods

Bergen Hiking: Art in the Norwegian Woods

Norway Hiking: On one of our weekly hikes we saw these amazing artworks in the woods :)

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