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Hiking in Norway

Hiking in Norway. Read all about it here, and see great photos.

Norway Jotunheimen - Hiking at Besseggen

10 Mountain Hikes in Norway You Should Have on Your Bucket List in 2019

Here are the Norwegian mountain hikes most hikers love. See the list here...
Norway Bergen - Relaxing and reflection in the sun

Bergen Hiking: Relaxing and Reflection in the Sun

We took a short Sunday hike today, maybe more like a stroll. But still very nice. Pretty cold, but refreshing. The photo is taken at...
Norway Jotunheimen - Galdhopiggen Summit

Norway Bucket List – Popular Places in Norway Not to Miss Out

Popular Norwegian places on the bucket list
Norway Jotunheimen - The tent alternative to Juvasshytta Mountain Lodge

Norway Hiking: Roughest Camping Site in Norway. And the Reason to Stay here

This is the Roughest Camping Site in Norway, no Doubt. Read more about it here and see photos
Norway Hiking - Autumn Hike to Brushytten

Fresh Air and Nice Views on Todays Hike

Fresh Air and Nice Views on our Late Autumn Hike Today.
Norway Jotunheimen - Juvasshytta Mountain Lodge

Norway Hiking: Juvasshytta Lodge – Mount Galdhopiggen Summit Best Ascents Starting Point

Juvasshytta Lodge is located north in Jotunheimen National Park and is the closest lodge to Mount Galdhopiggen Summit. Read more here...
Norway Hiking - Quality Time is Important

Norway Hiking: Relaxing and Quality Time is Important Too

Time to relax and be in the moment is also important even if you go hiking.

Norway Hike: Pearls of Jotunheimen National Park (Summary Article)

This Norway hike, the Pearls of Jotunheimen National Park has highlights like pearls on a string: Glacier hike on the glacier Styggbreen to Mount Galdhopiggen, to the top of the Mount Glittertind and last day at Besseggen hiking trail.

Norway Hiking: In the Heart of Jotunheimen National Park (Summary Article)

One of the highlights will the stay at Fannaraken, Norway's highest altitude DNT-hut at 2068 meters above sea level.
Norway Hiking - Winter Hike in Norway

Bergen Hiking: Winter Hiking at Mount Floyen in Norway

Norway Hiking: Very popular hiking trail, especially in the weekend. See photos here...

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