4 videos: Cute Couple Kara and Nate visiting Norway


The cute married couple from Nashville Tennessee, USA are visiting Norway in October 2019. In these Norway video blogs we are following them on their adventures around in Norway, from south to north.

Kara and Nate Arriving Oslo Norway

In the first video they are arriving Gardermoen Airport near Oslo. They found a nice place to stay in Oslo for a nice price. Starting the day with waffles and brown cheese (brunost). They also try different types of brown cheese, not all of them got approved apparently 🙂

Vigelandsparken next, a huge statue park in the center of Oslo. All statues made by famous Gustav Vigeland. Getting there by the Oslo Light rail.

These sculptures are interesting 🙂

Then, visiting the Oslo floating sauna and diving into the cold and refreshing Oslo fjord. Also vising the Oslo opera house for the beautiful sunset, seen from the roof of the popular and famous building. The Norwegian fish and chips at Fiskeriet, this seafood was a big hit.

See the Oslo video here:


Staying in home on stilts north of Oslo

The next day they are north of Oslo, to stay in a home on stilts, like a treehouse. Even with a small fireplace. Bring your own food.

Without a doubt,
the comfiest bed I have ever slept in 🙂

Wait till you see the beautiful view from the home, even with a few snowflakes outside.

See the treehouse full tour in this video,
see the video here:


Going by Train from Oslo to Stavanger

From the treehouse they go back to Oslo, to go by the train from Oslo to Stavanger, approximately 9 hours train ride with the night train. Quite easy to find the right train at Oslo Train Station.

This is the most comfortable train bed we have ever had

The train compartment option is so much better than sleeping in a chair. Well worth the money 🙂 See the compartment full tour in the video.

Arriving the Stavanger Train Station and the City of Stavanger

They are arriving Stavanger in the early morning, starting with coffee of course 🙂 Short walk to their AirBnB apartment, with a small balcony. Nice price too.

See the video here:


Kara and Nate Detour from Stavanger to Tiny Mountain Huts

The next day they are going by a nice rental car from Stavanger to these amazing mountain huts, including a short ferry ride. Bring your own food as these are self serviced mountain huts. Be aware to the sheeps in the middle of the road. From the main road you have to go hiking for 2 hours. This must be the perfect place for yoga and mindfulness. Wait till you see the sauna the fantastic nature view.

Self serviced mountain huts 🙂

See the video here:

And the adventures continues, more videos coming soon… 🙂

We guess the Upcoming Norway Route

We guess they continue to following places and cities:

  • Preikestolen (north of Stavanger)
  • Trolltunga (odda)
  • Bergen
  • Fjord Norway (north of Bergen)
  • Trondheim
  • Roros
  • Lofoten

We are guessing the Norway journey route just for fun 🙂

Update: They left Norway from Stavanger. They missed out all the beautiful places in Fjord Norway and northern Norway, and also they missed out amazing in-land places like Røros.

We hope they come back to Norway and continue their Norway adventures 🙂