Bergen Bryggen Stroll by Night

Bergen Bryggen Stroll by Night
Bergen Bryggen Stroll by Night

City Stroll after Dark at Bryggen Bergen

Bergen is so nice, also after dark. This evening it was a little bit of fog too, that made the atmosphere extra special.

We highly recommend an evening stroll along world heritage site Bryggen, especially in the winter season as it is dark. In the summertime it may be close to daylight all the 24 hours.

It is so nice to go window-shopping here šŸ™‚ Quite few boats visiting Bergen this time of the year, just some locals from the areas around Bergen.

You can also continue your stroll to Bergenhus Fortress, I think they are open until 11pm.

A Bryggen stroll by night is always nice, even if it is raining or snowing.

Bryggen Stroll Route Suggestion

Later on we will draw a suggestion on a route covering the best of this Bryggen area. Follow us on facebook to stay up to date with us, you find the widget at right side at this page.

Happy Bryggen stroll, you all šŸ™‚