Bergen Hiking: How Long does it take to Walk up Floyen?

Bergen Fløyen: Hvor lang tid tar det å gå opp Fløyen?
Bergen Fløyen: Hvor lang tid tar det å gå opp Fløyen?

Norway Hiking / Mount Floyen in Bergen is the second highest mountain in Bergen with its 320 meters above sea level. We often get the question about how long time it takes to walk up Mount Floyen and here is the answer for you:

It takes 45 minutes to walk up Mount Floyen 🙂

You can choose between there main trails up Mount Floyen, and you can expect to use roughly the same time walking up.

We see some tourists walking down with their suitcase, we do not recommend this as the trail surface is quite rough for small suitcase wheels.

If you want, you can make this hike longer by walking other trails. You can then expect to use up to 2 hours walking up. We have written articles about the most popular routes up Floyen and the alternative longer trails to Mount Floyen.

Walk Up Mount Floyen Starting Point

The Floyen funicular lower station in the center of Bergen is the starting point for the hike up to the top of Fløyen.

The hike elevation is approximately 300 meters from the funicular lower station to the view point at Mount Floyen.

Whichever route you choose, we recommend that you bring a good map.

Happy hiking in Bergen 🙂