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Learn more about Norway Hiking and join us to get tips and insiders information on hiking in Norway, including fjord hikes, Norwegian trails and huts, organized hiking tours, hiking equipment, download our Norway hiking maps and get tips on hikes starting around the most popular cities in Norway.

Bergen Hiking: All the 11 Hiking Routes Up Mount Floyen

Norge Bergen - Hengekøye på toppen av Fløyen
Do you want to walk up Mount Floyen from the center of Bergen? Here you can learn about all the hiking routes up Mount Floyen

Bergen Hiking: How to Get to Mount Floyen Bergen

Bergen Fløyen: Bergen Sentrum til Brushytten via Tippetue
Learn about the three main routes from the center of Bergen to the top of Mount Floyen

10+ Mountain Hikes You Should Have on Your Norway Bucket List in 2020

Norway Hiking - Vidden by Night at Summer
Here are the Norwegian mountain hikes, most hikers love. Here is the list

Bergen Hiking: How Long does it take to Walk up Floyen?

Bergen Fløyen: Hvor lang tid tar det å gå opp Fløyen?
Norway Hiking: We often get the question about how long time it takes to walk up Mount Floyen and here is the answer for you

Bergen @ Instagram

Bergen @ Instagram
Every week we choose a nice Bergen instagram photo and post it here.

Early Spring Stroll in Sunshine and 20℃ / 68℉ at Bryggen

Norway Bergen - Bryggen Stroll in Sunshine
Getting ready for lovely and early spring day and a nice stroll at Bryggen Bergen

Bergen Bryggen Stroll by Night

Bergen Bryggen Stroll by Night
We highly recommend an evening stroll along world heritage site Bryggen, especially in the winter season as it is dark. In the summertime it may be close to daylight all the 24 hours.

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