Hiking Worlds Most Dangerous Trail – Caminito del Rey Hike

Spania Malaga Hiking - Caminito del Rey
Spania Malaga Hiking - Caminito del Rey

How we plan our Caminito del Rey Hike

The Caminito del Rey Hike is a famous spain hiking trail in southern Spain, close to Malaga. In English this hike is also known as “the kings walk Malaga” and “the kings path“.

It is also known as the most dangerous hike trail in the world. It used to be that. In 2012, the trail reopened after a major trail upgrade, so today the trail is still scary for many people, but not that dangerous it used to be. If you are afraid of heights, you should reconsider your participation on this hike.

The first trail was built in 1901 to 1905 as a transport trail to two water power stations.

Facts about the Caminito del Rey Hike – El Chorro Spain

The hike is 7.7 kilometers long and you should expect to use 4 hours on this hike.

The hike is starting in Ardales in the north, going to Álora in the south.

Getting from Malaga to the Caminito del Rey Hike

The starting point is approximately 60 kilometers north-west of Malaga.

You can choose between these transport options from Malaga:

  • Bus from Malaga to El Chorro
  • Train from Malaga to El Chorro + Shuttle Bus
  • Package caminito del rey day trip from malaga
  • Private car or rental car to El Chorro

We chose the caminito del rey day trip from malaga

If you go by rental car, you should expect to use some time from the parking area to the starting point. We have heard that you can go by a shuttle bus, you should verify this upfront your drive. Please also note that the ending point of this hike is NOT the same as the starting point, you have to go from the end point to El Chorro by bus.

Caminito del Rey Tickets

We bought the tickets online for caminito del rey tour from malaga, it is at day trip from Malaga. We just found tickets return tickets from Malaga, including transport from Malaga, entrance fee, english speaking guide all day and return to Malaga. We paid €47 per person for this ticket.

Be sure to reserver your Caminito del Rey tickets early as possible, as the number of daily participants is very limited. We booked and bought tickets 10 days in advance, and it was quite few tickets available that early. It seems like there is more package day trip tickets available than just entry tickets.

we used this website: http://travelnatura.mientrada.net/index-en.html

Caminito del Rey Hike in March

We will go hiking here at March 1st 2019. So what did we expect and prepared for?

  • We expect the temperature to be up under 20 degrees celcius.
  • We hope for sunshine, or at least a clear day without rain.
  • We expect the trail to be dry, not wet and no mud (as we are used to in Norway).

How to prepare for the Caminito del Rey Hike and What to bring

  • Wind breaking jacket
  • Good hiking shoes
  • Wool underwear on upper body
  • Water on bottle
  • Sun glasses

We have updated this list and given you feedback also on the gear and gear we missed, after the hike.

Caminito del Rey Pictures

After the hike we will upload many nice photos from all the hike and transport to and from the starting point.

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